Volunteer Work Force Takes Over The Park!

Thanks to Kathy Clarke of Kathy Clarke Hawaii, a group of over 370 Australians spent their day working on Heeia State Park and the Fishpond on July 7th! The group represented an Australian telecommunications company that does a yearly trip abroad choosing a destination in which to contribute money and volunteer labor as a gift to the community. A big thanks to Kathy Clarke for connecting our two groups and organizing this massive volunteer project. 

With so many hands here to volunteer we had to break up into groups. 100 volunteers went down to work on the Pae Pae o Heeia fishpond, focusing on the removal of mangrove and restoration of the ancient wall. Another 100 volunteers with Hui o Koolaupoko up the stream to work on watershed and stream restoration. The remaining volunteers stayed at the park working on a number of projects including: 10 new picnic tables, a 20 ft waterfront shed, and renovation of our learning center. In addition to a full-day of hard labor, they donated thousands of dolalrs worth of materials, tools, and equipment. Mahalos to Home Depot and Hills Home Remodeling for supervising and making major contribuitions to our projects!