Holokai Adventures introduces the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe to Kaneohe Bay!

Come and experience the way the Polynesians have sailed for thousands of years……

Sailing on a hand-built Hawaiian sailing canoe is truly a once in a lifetime experience. This Adventure combines sailing the beautiful blue-green waters of Oahu with a unique cultural experience on a vessel that has been used by the Polynesians in their daily lives for millennia. Your Hawaiian crew will share the history of sailing canoes and the natural history of the islands as you explore Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay and its’ unique marine life. Taking no more than 6-8 guests at a time, this adventure promises to be one of the most intimate authentic Hawaiian experiences on Oahu.

The Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventure was created to provide our clients with a unique Hawaiian experience on the ocean while sharing our cultural history and traditions as practiced in a modern Hawaii. We believe it is essential to share our culture so that it may be perpetuated for future generations.

All of our captains and instructors are licensed, insured, and extremely knowledgeable about the history of Kaneohe Bay and the Hawaiian culture. We are committed to providing an exciting and rich cultural experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We Thank Hawaiian Ocean Adventures for the opportunity to offer our guests this experience.

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